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Who is Jorge Callaos?
Jorge Callaos is a certified Copywriter, High Ticket Closer, Email Income Expert, and Social Media Marketer. He's spent tens of thousands of dollars in marketing research and thousands of hours in the lab studying and dissecting the most effective psychological principles, persuasion tactics, and influence triggers. The bulk of Jorge's research has been targeted to figuring out: (1) what makes people buy, and what makes them buy NOW; and (2) how any business can build STRONG, long-lasting bonds with its customers.
What people are saying about Jorge:
"If there's one person I trust you to go to, it's Jorge. He will go tooth and nail to get you over the hurdles that cause most of us entrepreneurs to run home crying. If there's anyone that can get you over those hurdles, it's Jorge. He's done it before, he's succeeded, and now he's ready to help YOU succeed."
Paul Eagle - Vancouver, CA
"Jorge is the expert when it comes to matters of influence and persuasion. Not only does he know his stuff as good as anyone, he is also a great person overall. He is as straightforward and honest as they come: what you see is what you get."
Jonathan Lin - Orange County, CA
"Jorge's extensive knowledge on the art of persuasion and the science of influence is far greater than anyone I've ever come across. If there is someone who can teach you how to market effectively, make an impact, and grow your business, Jorge's your guy."
Brady Rodriguez - Orlando, FL
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